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Do IRS Quarterly Tax Payments make your head spin?

I know for most people taxes and accounting aren't much fun...but you kind of have to deal with them right?

What if I told you, I have found a way to make them as easy as possible? Would you listen?

I'm a CPA aka Number Cruncher. I'm that friend who calculates how much change they are supposed to be getting back before the cashier hits the button...yes I know I'm a nerd!

A few years ago I started an accounting firm where we help small business owners with taxes and accounting. At our firm we use the latest technology to make it as easy and painless as possible for our clients. Over the years, I have seen self-employed individuals make the same mistakes over and over and over. I have seen tears being shed and so much financial stress and frustration over this stuff.

I decided to do something about it! I believe that you can learn the basics of self-employed taxes and accounting without it being overly complicated. There is too much technology and too many resources available at your fingertips for you to have to struggle with your taxes and accounting year after year.

I created this course to break down this information in a way that every solo entrepreneur can understand. I know the tools and the rules you need to finally master self-employed taxes and accounting.

In this course you will learn:

  • What business structures are available for self-employed individuals so you can choose the best one for you
  • The federal taxes you are responsible for paying and how you are taxed
  • The tax forms and deadlines you need to know to be compliant with the IRS
  • What tax deductions you can take to lower your tax bill
  • Bookkeeping best practices and what to do with all those receipts
  • How to estimate your quarterly tax payments to prevent surprises at tax time

Bonus content to get you started:

  • Self-Employed Best Practices Checklist
  • IRS Compliant Mileage Tracker Spreadsheet

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Stephanie Cuningkin

Stephanie Cuningkin

Certified Public Accountant

Bean Counter. Mom of One. HGTV Enthusiast. Amateur Pinterest Chef. Lover of Music. Small Business Owner. Certified Public Accountant.

My passion is numbers. I knew numbers were my thing from childhood. I used to do extra math problems for fun! Yes…I’m that person! I earned a BSBA in Accounting from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. Woo Pig Sooie! After that, a Masters in Accountancy from the University of Notre Dame. Let’s go Fighting Irish!

I moved to Dallas and started my career auditing companies at one of the Big 4 accounting firms then moved on to industry accounting. I gained experience in different industries, including healthcare and real estate accounting. My favorite was real estate accounting at one of the top 5 Fortune 500 companies. I worked in Corporate America for 10 years, then started my own firm.

After a few years in business, I realized that I LOVE educating my clients. I have personally seen that it makes a world of a difference when entrepreneurs are empowered through accounting and tax education. You've probably heard the saying "Once you KNOW better you DO better. A little entrepreneur education reaches way beyond that one individual. It not only keeps them in business but also impacts their family, friends and the clients or customers they serve. I'm honored for the small role I get to play in it.

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Course Curriculum

Module 1 - Getting Started - Self-Employment Basics